OpenComm Brings Bone Conduction To The Office

Bone conducting headphones are an interesting concept because they don’t use speakers, in the traditional sense. Bone conducting headphones instead use mini vibrations to send sound why bypassing the eardrum.

AfterShokz is one such brand that uses this technology to not only produce a quality product but also provide premium sound. However, in doing so, they choose to not sacrifice comfort. Their newest model is the OpenComm. This headset is Bluetooth and specifically designed for meetings, conference calls, and general high-class performance.

It accomplishes this goal with AfterShokz’s 7th generation of their bone conduction technology, but also a DSP boom microphone for collecting your voice. The DSP boom microphone uses noise-canceling to eliminate the background noise around your office, making sure the people around you only hear your voice. Additionally, the conduction system connects to your cheekbone and leaves your ears unobstructed, so you won’t be distracted from the things going on around you.

Additional OpenComm feature are:

  • 16 hours of talk time.
  • 8 hours of continuous listening time.
  • Up to 14 days of standby time.
  • Fast one hour recharging.
  • Quick Charge 2 hours of use in 5 minutes.
  • Multifunction button to answer calls, play, pause, skip.
  • NFC Quick-Pairing.
  • IP55 Water-resistance.
  • Repels dust and sweat.
  • Wireless range up to 33 ft.
  • If you want to pick up your own AfterShokz OpenComm it is currently available Here for $159.95.

    If the OpenComm is not something that would benefit you, then they have plenty of more options. Some of the more powerful options are the Aeropex which focuses on long-lasting 8 hours of use, and waterproof with a IP67 rating for your outdoor activity needs for $159.95, the Xtrainerz which is a standalone fully waterproof MP3 player which can be used for swimming at the price of $149.95.

    The cheaper but still awesome options are the OpenMove which has six hours of battery life and water resistance for $99.95, or the lighter weight option the Air for $119.95.

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