Burn Daylight, Not Wood With GoSun

Before we go into the products, I want to talk a little more about GoSun. They are a company that wants to support using more “Sun” energy and reduce the number of fires people create while out and about as they camp. As they say, “We have to stop burning things,” and that’s very true.

Every time you burn something you are releasing pollutants into the air, and if you can create clean sustainable production of general needs while out in nature, while camping of course, you can feel proud that you are doing less harm.

This is such an awesome and noble goal, and it’s for that reason we decided to create this guide for their products.

  • GoSun Flow
    1. First up on the list, is one of their newest products, and the winner of CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree!
      The GoSun Flow includes a built-in detachable purifier and a solar-powered water pump for creating the conveniences of home, out on the go. Need a sink? Boom, you have on. Need a shower to feel human while camping? They got you covered!
      On top of that, it can hold nine liters and collapses down to two inches. The lithium-ion power bank inside the pack can run the GoSun Flow for over and owner and can be recharged easily with the integrated solar panel.
      You can pre-order this item right now for $199 Here, it’s normally $249.

  • GoSun Brew
    1. First launching on Kickstarter, to great success, the GoSun Brew is a stainless-steel electric French press. The unit uses a 12-volt built into it, so you can make coffee anywhere. With it’s solar Powerbank, you are making coffee while camping without the need of a fire!
      While the kickstarter is over, you can still pre-order the brew on their site for $69 Here, it’s normally $99.

  • GoSun Ovens
    1. One of the things that GoSun is well known for, is their solar ovens. The GoSun Fusion is amazing, and was launched at CES only two years ago. Now they have additionally the GoSun Go and the GoSun Sport so people can have super portable cooking while camping, no fire required!
      The Fusion is available on their site for $449 Here, the Go for $219 Here, and the Sport for $119 Here.

  • GoSun Chill
    1. One of the most upsetting features about coolers, is the need for ice. One you waste so much water, and two, your items get soggy! Add on top how it loses effectiveness as soon as the ice melts. The GoSun Chill removed the need for ice, as the electric cooler runs off a lithium battery. You can add solar panels or a solar table for more longevity, but this item can keep drinks cool, or even keep ice cream frozen!
      The GoSun Chill can be purchased on their site for $649 Here, it’s normally $749.

    With all these products and more, you can really get the full camping experience, without the need for burning or wasting power off the grid.

    If you love nature, show it by using sustainable solar energy, and GoSun products, find out more from them directly on their site Here!

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