Dreame Big When Vacuuming With The T30

When you think of power and vacuums, most people think about the technology of Dyson. However, this CES, we found a company that gives them a run for their money!

Dreame Technology has been working since 2015 to create high-end appliances for household use. Their technology achieved it’s goals in 2020 when they released a vacuum with a motor capable of reaching 150,000 rotations per minute, breaking the prior barrier of 125,000!

Now for 2021, Dreame is putting it all together for the T30 model vacuum!

Increasing their prior models check out the tech stats increase!

  • 8-Cones → 12-Cones
    1. (The action increases effective filtration from 99.5% to 99.67%, which reduces filter residue 34%!)
  • Mixed Flow Impeller → Centrifugal Impeller
    1. (reduces noise in the air duct, and increases the rpm from 125,000 to 150,000!)

    The other cool features of this model include:

  • Battery pack removal, for fast swaping.
  • Quick release dust cup removal.
  • Easy dust cup empty button.
  • Color coded dust concentration indicator, with data readouts.
  • Intelegent sensing tech for floor levels and types.
  • Self-locking feature removes the need to hold power button.
  • There is also an amazing mop add-on accessory which will give even more cleaning throughout the house, in one action! This is actually our favorite feature of the model!

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