Axiom Armor Brings An Anti-Microbe Screen Film For Electronics

It’s a dirty world, full of bacteria. Right now the world is becoming a lot more conscious of what gets on our devices.

That’s why Axiom Armor created their new self-healing hydrogel membrane screen protector. Usable for all your phones, tablets, wearables, and handheld game systems needs!

Axiom Armor has officially announced the launch of their new ScreenFilm ahead of CES, and will be showcasing the technology at the event.

Not only does the membrane self heal from minor scratches, but the makeup of the material helps protect their users from the build-up of germs with its anti-microbe surface. That’s a big thing with how much we all touch our phones these days. Some people have even said that cellphone screens are dirtier than that of a bathroom toilet seat.

It’s important to note that anti-microbial does not mean anti-viral. Which is important during the thralls of COVID-19.

The screen is available for purchase on their site Here, in bulk with a generic shape. They even sell a professional cutting device to specially design each screen for specific devices. This is a great item for repair facilities that want to give their clients that extra protection.

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