Mistie’s Favorite Of CES 2022 Unveiled? Bob The Tiny Dishwasher!

We stopped by CES Unveiled last night and there were so many awesome tech gadgets and masterpieces that it was hard, but just like last time we were live at Unveiled, we choose our favorite of all the products on display.

It’s important to note that while not all products on display at CES Unveiled will be new, to be able to display at CES Unveiled one of their products must be never before seen!

It’s my turn to share my favorite item, and for me, it’s the Bob The Tiny Dishwasher from Daan Technologies.

This little dishwasher sits on most countertops of small apartments and is able to wash a day’s worth of dishes for two people with only a gallon of water. Handwashing that many dishes would on average expend 5 gallons of water! In Califonia wasting water is a crime… or it should be…

The device not only washes dishes but uses an awesome UV light system to clean out the dishes and keep your small family safe from bacteria and viruses. It’s also highly fashionable with its collection of awesome colors.

If you want to pre-order it, the black and white versions are only $299.00 with the custom color models costing an additional $100. Pre-order yours Here

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