Keep Your Child Safe From Being Left In The Car With Tata

When you have a child you start to change your priorities and practices in life. This development can cause a condition that some people have dubbed “Mom Brain”, where you start to make stupid mistakes as you re-prioritize other more important things. When I had my daughter 3 years ago, I can honestly say that while I’m not a mom, I felt the same effect.

One constant fear that went through my mind was that I’d somehow get someplace and either didn’t know I had my daughter with me, or had forgotten about her completely. This led to me constantly checking the backseat of my car to make sure that I didn’t make a massive mistake.

Now one Italian company has a tool to not only help you remember your child, but help prevent instances of child death caused by overheated cars. This is a completely tragic, and ultimately avoidable issue now thanks to Filo’s Tata. Last year specifically over 20 deaths were reported from car heat related deaths, and on average 38 children under the age of 15 die each year from heat stroke due to this very situation.

So how does Tata help you keep your kids safe? When you enter into your car, you sync your phone to the mat specifically installed under your child in their carseat. The app connects with the chair and is able to tell due to weight that the child is still in the car seat. If you leave your car, the app will alert you, and as time continues the alerts become more aggressive. While some people may leave their child in the car to remove the groceries, or to run in and drop off a letter, the device will allow a grace period and then an alarm will go off. If the situation continues, the app will then begin to reach out to emergency contacts alerting them to your situation.

I know this to some might not seem like an important tech tool, but if this can save one infant’s life from a preventable death, then it will be well worth it.

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