Check Out The New Products From Targus During CES!

The idea of returning to the office is marred with so many issues. Workplace safety, ease of return, and new solutions to security now that a lot of users have transitioned to laptops for home use.

While at CES Unveiled, and continuing at the conference, we got to see a lot of the technology that Targus had created to solve the problems of the modern market.

The big issue of course is definitely COVID-19, and Targus came out swinging with their UV-C Workspace cleaning device. This light uses sensors to detect that it’s safe to activate, and when appropriate runs for five minutes every hour to keep workstations clean of viruses and bacteria, specifically also helping in preventing the spreading of COVID-19!

This is actually the first product to be approved by UL!

Next of course is their new amazing USB-C Hybrid/Universal 4K Quad Dock specifically designed for the modern workplace. A lot of users received laptops from their work so that they can work from home. As a result, a lot of their files are on those devices, and they are familiar with them. Now with the use of this hub, you can secure your workplace network access while still using those work-from-home laptops as the brain of their workstations. The hub has many connections and the power to create manage four monitors in 4k for the users!

The hub even has its own fingerprint scanner built in to protect your sensitive computer files.

Also later this year, Targus will be showcasing and releasing their Cyprus Hero backpack, and the first one included on the Apple “Find My” network. Now on top of using recycled materials, users will be able to feel confident that they will be able to find their bag if they leave it behind, or if it is stolen.

The last thing we want to talk about however is their new lineup of DefenseGuard products. From keyboards to mice, all of them are covered with an antimicrobial coating that prevents bacteria from forming onto the items, making them safer for workstations where multiple users may have to interact with them. A reminder though, antimicrobial only refers to bacteria, as viruses such as COVID-19 are not included in its protection.

If you want to purchase all the amazing products within the DefenseGuard lineup, then you can do so Here!

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