Conner’s Critique: Preacher Series (SPOILERS FREE)

If you saw our other post, but it still wasn’t enough time to warrant having the content ruined for you by spoilers, then we made this post just for you!

Back to our review though. Preacher just finished it’s fourth and final season, concluding the series in an amazing way on AMC. This show was produced by Evan Goldberg, Sam Catlin, and Seth Rogen, who loves to show off how much money he has, and how much of a comic book nerd he really is.

If you are reading this post, you can rest assure that this version of our review is Spoiler Free, and if you haven’t watched any of the show, we are not ruining any surprises for you. We will be talking about generic topics that if you are knowledgeable about the comic books however, might give you accurate ideas of what will happen. But then again, you did read all the comics, so you kind of spoiled it for yourself. If you would prefer to read our Spoiler version of our Critique, then you can feel free to do so Here!.

As always we break down the critiques into three categories: Story, Acting, and Overall. So lets bring out the word of God and get Genesis all over this show!

STORY: 8/10 Conner’s Thoughts
The show starts off in the rural town of Annville, Texas, as a non-corporeal entity known as Genesis enters into the body of their not so simple preacher. The show then slowly builds up the characters, introducing you to Tulip O’Hare from Jesse’s past, played by Ruth Negga. Also in newly arrived into town is Cassidy a drug addicted Irish immigrant with a couple secrets, played by Joseph Gilgun. More importantly though, is the titular preacher, Jesse Custer, played by Dominic Cooper. The show starts off with Jesse and his old/new friends dealings with the hardships, and frustrations of a small town life, and the slimy baron of the town, Odin Quincannon, played by Jackie Earle Haley.

As the series continues the journey of the party takes them from their small town, to the open road. However, a dark and mysterious cowboy seems to be able to follow them where ever they go. To make matters worse, a corporation ran by a dubious man named Herr Starr, played by Pip Torrens, shows up and makes matters worse for the group of unlikely heroes. With pressures mounting, the group takes many backsteps, and ends up trapped in prior decisions before they can continue on their journey.

However, no matter how hard they slide, the group works together to find their way to their goal, no matter who tries to stop them, even if it is God himself.

ACTING: 7/10 Conner’s Thoughts
I want to first start off with talking about Joseph Gilgun portrayal of Cassidy. It was amazing, and it was easy to fall in love with the character. While Jesse’s character arch can at times make you feel frustrated with him, instead of sympathetic to him.

Ruth Negga was probably the character with the most growth through the series, haven been written well, and the developments portrayed with grace and skill.

A show like this though, as we have said before, is very much led by the villains. You have to give it up to Graham McTavish, Pip Torrens, Noah Taylor, Jason Douglas, for being an amazing foil for the show’s heroes to fight against.

OVERALL: 7/10 Conner’s Thoughts
I think the conclusion of the show leaves a little to be desired, but was interesting throughout. While I didn’t fully understand the character motivations in the end, I would definitely watch the series again for the humor, action, and story.

Conner’s Final Thought(s):
I’m a huge fan of the absurdity of the series, and the show was equal parts weird and insane through out it’s run.

That being said, I honestly am very sad it was over. I know they had more content they could have played with, and there was some stuff from the books that I wish they had brought into the actual show, but I can accept what they have given, as it felt like a true conclusion.

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