Trick ‘r Treat Omnibus – Spooky Comic Book Review

Hey spooky ghouls! Welcome back to another comic review by the one and only Nerd News Social. I am super stoked to be reviewing a classic horror story with all of you today. There was an article posted for what I am about to review if you would like to check it out first, you can find it Here! Horror has always been my favorite genre of film since I was in elementary school. I love the adrenaline rush and the thrills and chills I get from watching a scary movie. Recently, I have been exploring outside of the film side of horror, and have been reading scary comics. You can find some of them Here actually!

Before I begin, I will caution you that if you have not seen the movie or read the graphic novel it was based on, there will be potential spoilers ahead. Please read at your own caution! Also, due to scary images being seen throughout I also recommend this for mature audiences only. Sorry kids, don’t want you more spooked than you already will be this Halloween season!

Ok, disclaimer portion of my review is over, let’s dive in!

To celebrate this iconic film’s chilling anniversary, Legendary Comics has come out with the deluxe edition of the Trick ‘R Treat comic book collection. Reuniting scary tales of past and present, the two previously issued graphic novel interpretations complement the new stories, artwork, and a special introduction from the film creator Michael Dougherty. Halloween 2020 is definitely not going to be like any other Halloween we have ever experienced. “In these unprecedented and hard times, it is important to keep the Halloween spirit alive and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the season than sharing it with the Halloween icon Sam in this special Trick ‘r Treat collection,” said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics. “Fans of the film, who want to revisit these twisted stories, as well as new readers discovering them for the first time, are in for a real treat. And, as we embark on new ways to celebrate Halloween with virtual trick or treating and drive through haunted houses, just remember to uphold the old Halloween traditions as well and keep your jack-o’-lanterns burning or you might just find Sam at your front doorstep.” I really do think that this one of the most creative ways to keep our Halloween spirits alive this year, and I truly do tip my hat to Legendary Comics for creating this for the fans, both old and new!

To give everyone a brief synopsis of what Trick ‘R Treat (the film) is about, it is an anthology horror film that follows 4 interwoven stories about the people that live in the fictional town of Warren Valley, Ohio. It’s based on those small towns where everyone knows each other and the population size is less than 5,000. And one small being connects all of them together: Sam. Sam is a little boy with a burlap sack on his head and is all dressed up for Halloween. He is kind of like the Halloween hall monitor of the horror world. If you keep the Halloween traditions alive and give him candy, he likes you and leaves you be. If not…..well you won’t be long for this world. The anthology was drawn into graphic novel form and it precisely depicts the film, down to the vivid art and dialogue. In this collection, more stories got added so there is more to enjoy! I personally loved every new storyline that was added and kind of hope that one day it can be brought to life to delight horror film fans. It also gave new fans an opportunity to enjoy the film if they hadn’t seen it before. The frightening tales of both old are definitely recommended to readers who want to relive the classic tales of Sam and his violent shenanigans and to new readers who are looking for something just spooky enough to explore this Halloween season. Or year-round! Who says you can’t be scared outside of October?

Intrigued and want to read for yourself? You should get your copy here! Because this issue was published in September of this year, I really wanted to try and avoid any spoilers that might have come out. I hope you guys have liked my reviews so far and there will be more to come in the near future! Stay safe, have an awesome Halloween, and beware of Sam…

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