Comic Book Spotlight: Black Sparrow

Storm King comics brings its readers illustrated works by authors John Carpenter and Sandy King. From the Night Terrors series, we had the chance to engage with the tale called Black Sparrow from Steven Niles and Jay Russell, with art from Scott Hampton and Jennifer Lange. From the content to the illustrations, horror and mystery are shared from page to page. Perfect in time for Halloween!

Basic Synopsis

The setting is the old west, back when lawlessness and ungodliness walked hand in hand. We are introduced to 1894s California. Lawmen have discovered the wholesale slaughter of a family; beheaded and hung from the rafters of their home. The suspect, a young man covered in blood, hiding in a cave nearby. The town wants justice but when it is served, the killings continue.

My Take

I love a good ghost story and I love a good horror tale. Black Sparrow gives the reader both experiences while leading them on a chase against a dark force threatening communities living in the old west. The characters are well illustrated and give the reader a rounded human experience in shades that are not purely good or evil. I enjoyed this tale of terror and recommend it to readers looking to feel a little uneasy about what lurks in the darkness of others’ minds.

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