Camera Reviews: a6600 – Who’s Excited for the Newest in the Sony Camera Line-up?!

Sony’s new flagship camera, the a6600, has a lot to offer! We’re talking 4k video quality with real-time eye-tracking. 11FPS continuous shooting. Weather-sealing. A bigger grip. A Z-type battery. Touch LCD. Lots going on here!

Things I like:
As far as the body goes, it’s got a similar size and weight to the other a6000 series cameras, but my favorite improvement here is the larger grip. It’s larger in order to fit the bigger and better Z-type battery. Since I’m one of those photographers who really enjoys a casual grip as I’m walking, allowing the camera to lightly rest on my fingers with the grip (of course, with the added security of a wrist strap, to prevent terrible, terrible accidents), this is a huge plus for me. The other bodies in this series just didn’t offer me this, and I did find it a little frustrating not having much to grab onto.

The AF eye-tracking system has been improved and looks amazing. It does a great job finding the eye of your subject and staying on point, giving you that tack-sharp focus that we come to expect from a Sony flagship camera.

One of the other amazing additions… are you ready? Drum roll please… a headphone jack! Sony has successfully made a great vlogging camera! Lightweight body, 5-axis in body image stabilization, headphone and mic jacks, a full flip screen, and real-time eye-tracking AF.

There are, of course, a few improvements that I would have loved to have seen:
For some weird reason, there’s no front dial or AF joystick. Sometimes you just want to have more control and have it be a little more accessible. With the larger grip, those would really make a lot of sense to include.

There’s still only one card slot, and still nothing that allows for a UHSII speed card. This is frustrating when you have to wait for the buffer to finish after a good burst.

While the 4k video looks amazing, the AF tracking does sometimes struggle when there’s a lot of stuff going on behind your subject.

Some people might be disappointed to find that there’s no flash on this badboy, leaving users to external lighting sources only.

It has the 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor, which is the same sensor that Sony’s other APS-C cameras have. For a flagship, I feel like they should have used a higher-end sensor. The resolution is fine, but you still see some rolling shutter, which is disappointing. It’s not ideal for filming and honestly is very frustrating.

My final take:
Okay so it’s awesome. I like it a lot. It feels a lot like the a6500, but there are a lot of great improvements with this new flagship. I love the real-time eye-tracking AF. It could use some improvements, but it’s really a great step in the right direction and currently is the best in the industry. The 4k looks great. I also love the new Z-type battery.

At $1399 for the body, it’s honestly a pretty good deal. It’s not that big of a price difference from the a6500, and offers some really cool improvements.

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