Cards Against Humanity Team Up With Sir Mix-a-Lot!

Nothing says 90’s then Sir Mix-a-Lot and his obsession with rumps.

I even asked by friend Becky, and she agreed that Sir Mix-a-Lot could not lie about his love of butts. More especially if they had an itty bitty waist.

Now you can enjoy that same love of butts as Sir Mix-a-Lot without having to be knighted by the Queen. All it takes is $5 to get Cards Against Humanity‘s round Ass Pack in your face. The pack features 30 juicy cards about butts.

So dig deep in the jeans, to get your wallet, and then shake it, shake it, until a fiver drops out.

So, ladies, yeah, and fellas, yeah, if you want to role with Sir Mix-a-Lot, then you got to purchase this pack, Here!

Butt for the love of all that is the internet, do not dial 1-900-MIXALOT, that poor man who has his number has been through enough.

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