Burning Cat Coming To Oregon In May 2020!

Are you a fan of The Oatmeal? A fan of Exploding Kittens? Do you think Bears totally own Babies? Did you just back Throw Throw Burrito?

Then do I have something that will tickle your insides!

The people behind it all are coming to Portland, Oregon and bringing a convention with them! The convention is called Burning Cat, because subtlety has never really been their strong suit.

The convention will focus on playing games, connecting people, and totally not being like Fyre Festival. What could go wrong.

It’s a wells away now, taking place on May 16 and May 17 of 2020, but you can prepare now by booking your hotel, and buying your tickets.

Ticket Options Available:

  • 1 Day Ticket for One (Saturday or Sunday) – General Admission – $45.
  • Discounted Kid’s Ticket (Only for Sunday) – General Admission – $15.
  • 2 Day Pack for One (Saturday & Sunday) – General Admission $80.
  • Get your tickets Here!

    So, are you going to be heading out to Burning Cat? If you want, you can check out our interview with one of the Creators of Throw Throw Burrito from Wondercon, Here!

    Oregon Convention Center
    777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

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