Can’t Brick Bar, How About A Brick Box?

As a result of the quarantine, the awesome and fun event “The Brick Bar”, which we previously attended, (see our coverage Here), is currently postponed, to an unknown date in the future.

However, if you are feeling depressed because you were looking forward to the event, then you might be happy to know that the same company behind “The Brick Bar” has partnered with Subscription Boxes Global to release a Lego-like brick box monthly!

You can pay ($13) for one month, save $6 when you subscribe to the three month plan ($33), save $13 when you subscribe for the six month plan ($65), or save $26 when you subscribe for a whole year plan ($130). Each box will come with different ideas and challenges to build with them.

Since we don’t know if the quarantine is ending anytime soon… or tomorrow with how things are happening, this gives you a good option to keep your kids entertained for a bit, or keep your adult spouse, who acts like a kid, entertained!

You can sign up to The Brick Box Here!

It’s important to note though that these boxes are NOT LEGO or endorsed by LEGO, they are a 3rd party company brand ‘BRICKS’.

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