Looking For A New Coffee/Alcohol Drink? Think Bomani

Coffee is such a well loved item in the world, as some people have not only made it a daily constant but also a way of life. Coffee themed alcoholic beverages have also been very successful in the past, but are difficult and frustrating for bars and restaurants to make and maintain.

One relatively new company, Bomani Cold Buzz, saw the need in the marketplace and decided to dive bean first into the industry. During the pandemic, Bomani launched in the West Coast (CA, NV, and AZ) as well as in New York. Now they are in several stores and throughout the states.

Their coffee, and alcohol is a specific blend and process that creates a delicious profile that will be very pleasing to fans of Coffee, and surprising to those who don’t want a taste as rough as most alcoholic mix beverages.

The reason this is so awesome, is that this Cold Brew is shelf stable, requiring no need for refrigeration without jacking up the alcohol content and drowning out the coffee flavor.

The beverage is available in regular and vanilla flavor, and is only 110 calories with no carbs, sugar, gluten, or dairy. For those looking for something a little more fancy, they even have suggested drink recipes on their site that you can find Here.

If you want to purchase your own Bomani Cold Buzz then you can head to

  • Bevmo
  • Key Food Fresh
  • Mollie Stone’s Market
  • Ralphs
  • Sprouts
  • Total Wine
  • Whole Foods
  • More to come in the future…
  • Or head to Bomani’s site and order directly from them Here.

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