Hunt A Killer partners With Lionsgate To Bring A Blair Witch Experience Home With You

Hunt A Killer has been creating interactive home experiences for a bit now, putting you into the shoes of a detective, and seeing if you have what it takes to solve the crime. You’ve probably seen them advertised online, or on Facebook.

Now players can try their hand at Hunt A Killer and Lionsgate’s Blair Witch universe game designed by Hunt A Killer.

Players will be asked to find out if Burkittsville is still hiding the Blair Witch in it’s haunted woods? You’ll learn about the history of the Blair Witch, as people go missing in Black Hills Forest.

We don’t want to ruin any more of the story, but the subscription takes place over the course of six boxed experiences. What a great way to get in the mood for the Halloween spirit!

Do you have the skills, and bravery to face the Blair Witch?

Subscribe to the experience Here!

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