A New Way To Enjoy Binding Of Isaac! Subscriptions!

We’ve covered The Binding of Isaac prior, see our coverage Here, but now we have more information to share!

Edmund McMillen and Maestro Media are putting together a “Monthly Subscription Service” for fans of Binding Isaac, its name? The Unboxing of Isaac.

To continue the energy of the game, and the world of the game they are delivering additional The Binding of Isaac products directly to fans’ mailboxes. You can get exclusive Binding of Isaac-themed t-shirts, artwork, stickers, and additional new cards for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls tabletop game!

The first three months will be limited shirts only available from the box.

May: Dogma (art by @orisghost)

Dogma drawn from prominent Isaac artist Orisghost. Additionally with the shirt comes three additional Four Souls cards: Christian Broadcasts, Static, and Dogma v2!

June: Rainbow Blight (art by @ahoyvisualart)

Showing off the items people want most when playing Isaac, this also comes with three Four Souls cards: 3 Dollar Bill, Glitter Bombs and My Little Unicorn!

July: The Horsemen! (art by Jimbo Phillips)

Showing off the Four Horsemen from surf/skate illustrator Jimbo Phillips. Again this shirt comes with three Four Souls cards: Cube of Meat, Cube of Meat and Cube of Meat!

Starting in August the boxes will be secret until the month hits. You can sign up for your own boxes today at theunboxingofisaac.com. The boxes are available in three ways. One month for $35, subscription for $30 a month, and a year paid upfront for $350 with a free 13th month!

So what are you waiting for?

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