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We previously did a Comic Con preview article on Future Tech Live HERE but there was one experience that I had to expand on, Alice Space. There are six players per session and each session was about 20 minutes long, so there was the possibility that you could be waiting a bit to experience it, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever done. 

VR has been a little tough for me, I can only usually last a few minutes before I start to feel motion sickness or the equipment gets to be a burden. But everything was very light weight and easy to move in. Additionally, with their proprietary hybrid inertial/optical tracking solution, Alice Space is a motion sickness-free zone. Accurate and low latency tracking and rendering delivers a comfortable experience and allows us to be fully immersed in the virtual worlds. 

Alice Space is a complete, multi-user, free-roaming, interactive outer space experience designed for museums, science centers, and edutainment venues. Alice Space is a long-term turnkey solution with included maintenance and bi-annual delivery of new jaw-dropping episodic content that takes your audience on a journey through space. At Comic Con, we were only able to experience the first episode, Earthlight: Lunar Mission (2018), which all took place in the space you see below. But in the VR, when you walk around and go into other VR rooms, the space seems so much bigger. The other episodes are Moonbase One (2018), Destination: Mars (Q1 2019), Discovery: Mars (Q3 2019), and Europa’s Ice World (2020).

First of all, it’s a mixed reality VR experience which means you will go beyond the virtual and experience true immersion as you interact with the physical objects around you. Alice Space uses real props that are mapped into the virtual world to further detach players’ consciousness from reality and fully convince them of the illusion of being on another planet. So actual physical props are virtually mapped in your experience.           

I’ve obviously never been to space in real life. But this really felt like I was there. Walking through the space station I could knock cups and props into the air and it would move and float. I could push buttons on the consoles and move space materials around. You even travel in and out of elevators and along platforms to take you into different sections and makes the area feel so much bigger. In the end was my favorite part. You walk out of the station and go onto the moon. The combination of beautiful serene music and pretty damn good graphics, made me want to just sit there and meditate. I’ve never felt anything like that before. 

To find out more about how you can experience this, you can visit their WEBSITE. You can also email and for even more, you can follow their social networks FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE.

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