Check Out This FREE Pasadena Steampunk Craft Fair!

Our friends over at Seven Deadly Fairies are having another one of their awesome craft fairs this weekend on Saturday, September 21st, 2019. This monthly craft fair is following the theme of Steampunk. As always this event is free and open to all ages!

If you are headed off to any other event in the area, please feel free to stop by and support some of the independant artist that will be taking over the majority of the store.

The Amazing Vendors Are:

  • The Angry Mushroom
  • Accessory Alchemy
  • The Cosmetic Mechanic
  • Molrea Wintter
  • The Angry Mushroom Emporium is a unique and interesting creator that manufactures unique items for adventurers, musicians, writers, and the intrigued.

    Accessory Alchemy is a brand new artist to be selling at Seven Deadly Fairies craft fairs, they will be bringing some of their amazing pieces to sell to those interested in looking stylish.

    One of our favorites The Cosmetic Mechanic is yet again returning to the craft fair, and bringing with them their awesome Steampunk themed pins.

    Another new comer to the craft fair is Molrea Wintter. She will be bringing her handmade steampunk themed jewelry, handcarved and crafted wands for the magically inclined. Or if you are feeling brave, then she can even perform a Tarot Card readings.

    Don’t worry though if you still want to stop by the shop to pick up the normal items, as the owner will still be there to help you find, and purchase all your costume, and accessory needs during the fair.

    So make sure to stop by!

    Seven Deadly Fairies
    2725 Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

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